function::stack_used - Linux


stack_used is a Linux command that displays the amount of memory currently used by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) stack. It provides insights into the application’s memory consumption and can help identify potential stack overflow issues.






Display current stack usage:

stack_used - 102400

Common Issues

  • Stack overflow errors: If the stack usage exceeds the maximum allowed limit, it can result in a stack overflow error. To resolve this, increase the stack size using the -Xss JVM flag.
  • Incorrect interpretation: Note that the reported stack usage may not represent the actual memory consumption. It only reflects the memory allocated to the stack, not the memory actually used.


Monitoring memory usage: Combine stack_used with watch or top to continuously monitor the stack usage over time.

Debugging stack overflow issues: Use stack_used along with tools like jstack to identify the cause of stack overflow errors.

Related Commands

  • top: System monitor that displays running processes and their resource usage.
  • jstack: Produces a stack trace for a running Java application.
  • jmap: Provides detailed information about the memory usage of a Java application.