function::stack_size - Linux


function::stack_size is a command that displays the stack size of a function in a Rust binary. It is commonly used to analyze memory usage and performance characteristics of Rust code, particularly when dealing with recursive functions or functions with large stack frames.


function::stack_size <Rust binary> <function name>




1. Display stack size of fibonacci function:

function::stack_size ./fibonacci fibonacci

2. Display stack size of main function:

function::stack_size ./my_app main

Common Issues

  • Stack overflow: If the stack size of a function is too large, it can lead to a "stack overflow" error. This can occur if the function is recursive and does not have a suitable stack protector in place. To resolve, reduce the recursion depth, adjust the stack size of the program, or implement a custom stack protector.
  • Incorrect function name: Ensure the specified function name is correct and exists in the binary.


function::stack_size can be integrated with profiling tools like flamegraph to visualize stack usage across multiple functions, helping identify bottlenecks and potential optimizations.

Related Commands

  • perf record: Capture performance data and analyze stack traces.
  • gdb: Debug Rust binaries and examine stack frames.
  • rustc –emit=llvm-ir: Generate LLVM IR code for further analysis of stack usage.