function::sprint_ubacktrace - Linux


function::sprint_ubacktrace is a command-line utility for printing the current stack trace in the form of a backtrace. It is primarily used for debugging and troubleshooting errors within Go programs.


function::sprint_ubacktrace [FLAGS]


| Flag | Description | Default |
| -c | Only print contexts, not goroutines | false |
| -e | Don’t print receiver type in method calls | false |
| -l | Number of frames to print | 0 (unlimited) |
| -v | Print file and line numbers | false |


Print a backtrace of the current stack:


Print a backtrace with file and line numbers:

function::sprint_ubacktrace -v

Print only the top 10 frames of the backtrace:

function::sprint_ubacktrace -l 10

Common Issues

  • Encountering an "out of memory" error: This can occur if the backtrace is too large. Use the -l flag to limit the number of frames printed.


function::sprint_ubacktrace can be integrated with other tools, such as:

  • Debuggers: Use the output of function::sprint_ubacktrace to step through the call stack in a debugger.
  • Logging frameworks: Capture the stack trace and include it in error logs for further analysis.

Related Commands

  • debug.Stack: Provides a similar functionality but returns a Stack struct instead of printing the backtrace.
  • runtime.Callers: Returns the program counter for the specified number of frames.