function::sock_state_str2num - Linux


function::sock_state_str2num is a utility that converts a string representing a TCP socket state into its corresponding numeric value. This mapping is useful when interacting with socket-based applications or analyzing system logs.


function::sock_state_str2num <state_string>

where <state_string> is a string representing the socket state.




Convert "ESTABLISHED" to its numeric value:

function::sock_state_str2num ESTABLISHED
# Output: 1

Convert "CLOSED" to its numeric value:

function::sock_state_str2num CLOSED
# Output: 10

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the input string is a valid socket state. Invalid input will result in an error.


function::sock_state_str2num can be combined with other commands for advanced tasks:

  • Use with ss to analyze socket connections and filter based on state:
ss -ant | awk '{print function::sock_state_str2num($1)}' | sort | uniq -c

Related Commands

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