function::set_user_string_arg - Linux


function::set_user_string_arg sets the value of a registered string argument for a function. This argument can be retrieved using function::get_user_string_arg.


function::set_user_string_arg <funcname> <argname> <argvalue>


  • funcname: The name of the function to which the argument belongs.
  • argname: The name of the argument to set.
  • argvalue: The value to set the argument to.


To set the debug argument of the myfunc function to the value "true":

function::set_user_string_arg myfunc debug true

Common Issues

  • Argument not found: If the specified argname is not a registered argument of the specified funcname, the command will fail.
  • Incorrect value type: If the specified argvalue is not a string, the command will fail.


function::set_user_string_arg can be used together with other function management commands, such as function::get_user_string_arg and function::list_user_args.

Related Commands

  • function::get_user_string_arg: Retrieves the value of a registered string argument for a function.
  • function::list_user_args: Lists the registered arguments for a function.