function::set_user_string - Linux


The function::set_user_string command is used to set the user string for a function. The user string is a custom string that can be used to identify the function in the debug information.


function::set_user_string FUNCTION_NAME USER_STRING

Required Arguments

  • FUNCTION_NAME: The name of the function whose user string you want to set.
  • USER_STRING: The user string you want to set for the function.


There are no options or flags available for this command.


To set the user string for the main function to "My Main Function":

function::set_user_string main "My Main Function"

Common Issues

There are no common issues associated with this command.


This command can be used with other commands to create custom debug information. For example, you can use the function::get_user_string command to get the user string for a function.

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