function::set_ulonglong_arg - Linux


The function::set_ulonglong_arg command is used to set the value of a uint64_t argument in a function from Lua. It allows you to pass native Lua numbers larger than the usual 32-bit integer limit to C functions.


function::set_ulonglong_arg(function_handle, number_to_set)


  • function_handle: The handle of the function to set the argument for.
  • number_to_set: The uint64_t value to set the argument to.




-- Getting a function handle
local function_handle = function::lookup("myAmazingFunction", "myModule")

-- Setting the 64-bit argument
function::set_ulonglong_arg(function_handle, 12345678901234567890)

-- Calling the function
local result = function::call(function_handle)

Common Issues

Make sure to pass a uint64_t value to function::set_ulonglong_arg. If you attempt to pass a Lua number larger than 2^53-1 (the largest representable IEEE 754 double-precision floating-point number), only the lower 53 bits will be set.


The function::set_ulonglong_arg command can be combined with other Lua functions to create powerful scripts and integrations. For example, it can be used to interact with C libraries that require passing 64-bit integers.

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