function::set_s32_arg - Linux


The function::set_s32_arg is a Linux command tailored for interacting with function arguments. It enables users to set a 32-bit signed integer value as an argument within a function. This command is commonly used within Linux kernel development, particularly for configuring and manipulating kernel functions.


function::set_s32_arg [function] [argument_index] [value]

Required arguments:

  • function: The function to modify.
  • argument_index: The index of the argument to set.
  • value: The 32-bit signed integer value to set.




Example 1: Setting an argument to the my_function function as the integer value 10:

function::set_s32_arg my_function 0 10

Example 2: Setting an argument to the kernel_init function, passing in the value -5:

function::set_s32_arg kernel_init 1 -5

Common Issues

  • Argument index error:
    • Make sure the provided argument_index is within the valid range for the target function.
  • Value type error:
    • The value must be a 32-bit signed integer.


function::set_s32_arg often complements other Linux kernel development commands such as function::set_string_arg or function::call.

Related Commands

  • function::call: Executes a function with specified arguments.
  • function::set_string_arg: Sets a string argument within a function.