function::set_kernel_string - Linux


function::set_kernel_string is a Linux command that allows the setting of kernel string parameters. Kernel strings are used for storing certain system-specific data. This command is typically used in advanced kernel configuration or debugging scenarios.


function::set_kernel_string <string_name> <string_value>




Set the uvesafb.vbe_mode kernel string to 0x0101:

function::set_kernel_string uvesafb.vbe_mode 0x0101

Read the current value of the processor.max_cstates kernel string:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/x86/processor/0/max_cstates

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have root or sufficient privileges to modify kernel string parameters.
  • Invalid string name: Verify that the provided string name is valid and matches the kernel’s expected format.
  • Invalid string value: Ensure that the provided string value is in the correct format and complies with the kernel’s requirements.


function::set_kernel_string can be used in conjunction with other Linux commands or tools, such as:

  • sysctl for managing runtime kernel settings
  • kconfig for compiling custom kernels

Related Commands

  • function::get_kernel_string
  • kallsyms
  • procinfo