function::set_int_arg - Linux


function::set_int_arg is a Linux command used to set the value of an integer argument for a function invocation. It allows you to dynamically assign values to function arguments during program execution.


function::set_int_arg <function_name> <arg_index> <value>


  • <function_name>: Name of the function to set the argument for.
  • <arg_index>: 0-based index of the argument to set.
  • <value>: Integer value to assign to the argument.




Example 1:

Set the second argument of the my_function function to 10.

function::set_int_arg my_function 1 10

Example 2:

Set the first argument of the calculate_average function to 1000.

function::set_int_arg calculate_average 0 1000

Common Issues

  • Argument index out of bounds: Ensure that the provided <arg_index> is within the valid range for the function’s arguments.
  • Invalid value type: The <value> must be an integer. Attempting to set a non-integer value will result in an error.


function::set_int_arg can be combined with other Linux commands to dynamically modify function arguments at runtime.


Use function::set_int_arg and sort to sort a list of integers based on the second element of each tuple.

sort -k2,2n < input_file | function::set_int_arg my_sort_function 1

Related Commands

  • function::set_arg: Sets the value of an argument of arbitrary type.
  • function: Invokes a function with specified arguments.