function::read_stopwatch_ns - Linux


function::read_stopwatch_ns is a Linux command used to read the CPU time spent by the thread in nanoseconds. It enables precise measurement of elapsed time during code execution, offering valuable insights for performance analysis and optimization.






Example 1: Basic Usage

import { function_gateway } from "";
let start_ns = function_gateway::read_stopwatch_ns();
// Code to be timed here
let end_ns = function_gateway::read_stopwatch_ns();
let elapsed_ns = end_ns - start_ns;

Common Issues

  • Negative Elapsed Time: This can occur due to concurrent code execution with significant time spent in non-CPU tasks.


  • Perf Profiling: Use this command in conjunction with tools like perf to analyze system performance and identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Profiling Scripts: Incorporate this command into scripts to gather time-based metrics for specific tasks or operations.

Related Commands

  • function::read_stopwatch(): Reads the CPU time spent in seconds.
  • time: Executes a command and prints timing information.
  • perf: A powerful tool for performance profiling and analysis.