function::qsq_wait_queue_length - Linux


function::qsq_wait_queue_length is a versatile Linux command designed to determine the current length of a kernel wait queue associated with a specific system queue. It plays a pivotal role in monitoring and managing system queue lengths, providing valuable insights into system performance and application behavior.


function qsq_wait_queue_length(queueName : string) : integer


  • queueName: Specifies the name of the queue.


This command has no available options or flags.


# Example: Display wait queue length of the "my_queue" queue
echo "Current wait queue length for \"my_queue\": $(qsq_wait_queue_length("my_queue"))"

# Example: Monitor real-time queue length in a loop
while true; do
  echo $length
  sleep 1

Common Issues

  • Invalid queue name: Ensure that the provided queue name is valid and represents an existing system queue.
  • Kernel version compatibility: The availability and functionality of function::qsq_wait_queue_length may vary across different kernel versions. Refer to the kernel documentation for specific details.


  • Performance Monitoring: Combine function::qsq_wait_queue_length with performance monitoring tools like "perf" or "sysstat" to track queue lengths over time and identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Application Profiling: Use function::qsq_wait_queue_length in combination with profiling tools like "perf" or "gprof" to analyze application behavior and pinpoint sections where queues are heavily used.

Related Commands

  • qsq_length: Retrieve the current length of a system queue.
  • queue: Manage and control system queues.
  • cat /proc/sys/kernel/queue_length: Show the maximum queue length allowed for all system queues.