function::qsq_start - Linux


qsq_start is a command for managing queue simulations in the Linux environment. It enables you to initiate a simulation based on a specified configuration file.


qsq_start [options] <config file>


  • -h,–help: Display help information.
  • -v,–verbose: Enable verbose mode for detailed output.
  • -q,–quiet: Suppress all output except for errors.
  • -d,–debug: Enable debug mode for troubleshooting.
  • -c,–config-file : Specify an alternative configuration file path (other than the default).


Simple Simulation:

qsq_start my_config.json

Verbose Output:

qsq_start -v my_config.json

Specify Configuration File:

qsq_start -c /path/to/alt_config.json

Common Issues

  • Missing Configuration File: Ensure that the specified configuration file exists and is readable.
  • Invalid Configuration: Check the contents of the configuration file for errors.
  • Resource Exhaustion: Make sure enough system resources are available for the simulation.


Combining with Monitoring Tools:

watch qsq_start -v my_config.json

Scheduling with cron:

crontab -e
# Add line:
0 * * * * qsq_start /path/to/config.json

Related Commands

  • qsq_stop: Stops a running simulation.
  • qsq_status: Provides information about the status of a simulation.
  • qsq_config: Allows you to create and edit configuration files for simulations.