function::qsq_print - Linux


The qsq_print command reads data from a QUANTUM Safe Secure (QSS) encryption key file and prints it in a user-friendly format. It supports both private and public keys.




  • -h, –help: Display usage information.
  • -v, –version: Print version information.
  • -a, –all: Display all information stored in the key file. By default, only basic information is shown.
  • -s, –short: Only display the key ID and type.
  • -f, –filter: Filter the information displayed based on a given string.


Print basic information about a key:

qsq_print /path/to/key.qsk

Display all information stored in the key:

qsq_print -a /path/to/key.qsk

Filter the information by displaying only the key ID:

qsq_print -f id /path/to/key.qsk

Common Issues

  • Error: Unable to open key file: Ensure the file exists and has the correct permissions.
  • Error: Invalid QSS key file: Verify the file format and content.


qsq_print can be used with other commands to manage QSS keys:

qsq_generate | qsq_print

Related Commands

  • qsq_generate
  • qsq_sign
  • qsq_verify