function::qs_done - Linux


The qs_done command in Linux is a specialized tool used to mark a task or activity as completed within the context of the Quality Sequencer (QS) framework. It provides a concise and standardized method to signify the successful execution and conclusion of a specific QS task.


qs_done [flags] [arguments]


| Flag | Description | Default |
| -f, --force | Force mark completion even if errors occurred | false |
| -i, --ignore-errors | Ignore errors and mark completion | false |
| -m, --message | Custom completion message | "Task completed" |
| -r, --result | Custom completion result | "SUCCESS" |


Simple Completion:

qs_done task_id

Force Completion with Custom Message:

qs_done -f -m "Task completed with warnings" task_id

Common Issues

  • Invalid Task ID: Ensure the provided task ID is valid.
  • Execution Errors: If errors occur during task execution, the task cannot be marked as complete without the -f or -i flags.


Linking with Other Commands:

Combine qs_done with other QS commands to automate task management:

qs_run task | qs_done task_id

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