function::proc_mem_txt - Linux


proc_mem_txt is a Linux command that displays detailed memory information in a human-readable text format. It provides valuable insights into virtual memory usage, including information on its allocation, usage, and reclaiming. This command is particularly useful for diagnosing memory-related issues and performance bottlenecks.


proc_mem_txt [options]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -d | Display full details, including per-node breakdown | No |
| -e | Format output for easier parsing | No |
| -i | Display detailed information on inactive memory | No |
| -m | Limit output to memory consumption | Yes |
| -s | Summarize memory usage statistics | No |
| -t | Display timestamps | No |


Example 1: Display basic memory information

$ proc_mem_txt

Example 2: Show full memory details, including per-node breakdown

$ proc_mem_txt -d

Example 3: Format output for parsing

$ proc_mem_txt -e

Common Issues

  • No output: Ensure that the /proc and /sys/fs filesystems are mounted.
  • Unexpected results: Verify that the system has adequate memory for accurate reporting.


proc_mem_txt can be combined with other tools for advanced analysis:

  • ps aux: Identify memory-intensive processes
  • grep: Filter output for specific criteria
  • less: Page through large output

Related Commands

  • top: Display real-time system resource usage
  • free: Display a summary of memory usage
  • vmstat: Display virtual memory statistics