function::proc_mem_string - Linux


proc_mem_string retrieves the value of a sequence file item from /proc/self/mem. This command is commonly used for performance analysis and debugging.


proc_mem_string [--hex] [--dump-offset] TARGET_ADDR


  • –hex: Display the value in hexadecimal format.
  • –dump-offset: Print the physical memory offset for the value.


Get the value of TargetAddress

proc_mem_string 0x12345678

Get the value of TargetAddress in hexadecimal format

proc_mem_string --hex 0x12345678

Common Issues

Not finding the target address

Ensure that the specified TARGET_ADDR is valid and accessible within the /proc/self/mem sequence file.


proc_mem_string can be used with other commands for advanced debugging or performance analysis:

  • awk: Filter or process the output.
  • grep: Search for specific values or patterns.

Related Commands

  • /proc/self/mem: Sequence file containing memory information.
  • proc_mem_dump: Dump a range of memory addresses.
  • proc_mem_flags: Retrieve memory flags.