function::proc_mem_shr - Linux


proc_mem_shr is a Linux command that displays the shared memory statistics for a given process. It provides information about the amount of virtual memory that a process is sharing with other processes. This information can be useful for understanding how a process is using system resources and for diagnosing performance issues.


proc_mem_shr [--help] [--version] [--fields <columns>] <pid> [<pid> ...]


  • --fields <columns>: Specify the columns to be displayed in the output. Valid columns include:
    • pid – Process ID
    • vss – Virtual Shared Size in kB
    • rss – Resident Shared Size in kB
    • shared_clean – Shared Clean pages in kB
    • shared_dirty – Shared Dirty pages in kB
    • total_vm – Total Virtual Memory in kB
    • total_rss – Total Resident Set Size in kB
  • --help: Display help information
  • --version: Display version information


To display the shared memory statistics for the current process:

proc_mem_shr $$

To display specific columns for the current process:

proc_mem_shr --fields vss rss $$

To display the shared memory statistics for multiple processes:

proc_mem_shr 12345 56789

Common Issues

If you encounter an error message stating that proc_mem_shr is not recognized, it may not be installed on your system. Install the procps package to resolve this issue.


proc_mem_shr can be combined with other Linux commands to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a process’s resource usage. For example, you can use the command in conjunction with ps to see how a process’s shared memory usage compares to its overall memory usage:

ps aux | grep <process_name> | proc_mem_shr

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