function::probe_type - Linux


The probe_type command probes a connected terminal to determine its type. It is useful for device identification, configuration, and compatibility checking.


probe_type [options]


  • -c, –console: Probe the console terminal.
  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -l, –list: List all available terminals.
  • -s, –serial: Probe the serial terminal.
  • -t, –tty: Probe the terminal at the specified path.


  • Probe the console terminal:
probe_type -c
  • Probe the serial terminal:
probe_type -s
  • Probe a terminal at a specific path:
probe_type -t /dev/ttyS0
  • List all available terminals:
probe_type -l

Common Issues

  • No terminal found: Ensure that a compatible terminal is connected and active.


probe_type can be used with:

  • udev: To automatically configure devices based on their type.
  • xinput: To identify and calibrate input devices.

Related Commands

  • lsusb: Lists connected USB devices.
  • ldconfig: Loads dynamic linker configuration files.
  • `/dev/input:** Provides access to input devices.