function::print_ubacktrace_fileline - Linux


The print_ubacktrace_fileline command is used for debugging purposes to print the stack backtrace, including the source file and line number. It is primarily used in C++ applications to help identify the source of a crash or unexpected behavior.


print_ubacktrace_fileline [--demangle=<demangling_mode>]


  • –demangle=<demangling_mode>: Optionally demangle C++ function names in the backtrace. Valid modes:

    • full: Demangle all function names.
    • symbols: Demangle only function names containing symbols.
    • none: Do not demangle any function names (default).


# Print the stack backtrace with demangled function names
print_ubacktrace_fileline --demangle=full
# Print the stack backtrace with function names containing symbols demangled
print_ubacktrace_fileline --demangle=symbols

Common Issues

  • Missing source file or line number: Ensure that the debugging symbols for your application are available.
  • Incorrect demangling mode: Choose the appropriate demangling mode based on the level of detail you need.


print_ubacktrace_fileline can be used in conjunction with other debugging tools such as GDB or LLDB. It can also be integrated into custom error handling or logging mechanisms.

Related Commands

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  • lldb: A modern debugger with a graphical user interface.
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