function::print_stack - Linux


function::print_stack is a convenient debugging tool used to print the current call stack in a user-friendly format. It is particularly useful in troubleshooting code and identifying the exact location of errors or unexpected behavior.


`function::print_stack (args)**




Simple Usage

To print the current call stack:


Extended Example

Combining function::print_stack with other commands for error handling:

function my_func() {
  try {
    # Do something that might fail
  catch (e) {
    log_error("Error occurred: ", e)

Common Issues

No Output

If no output is printed, check if the function is actually called or if there is an issue with the formatting.

Incorrect Formatting

Ensure that the function is called with a single argument: args. If this argument is omitted, the output format may be incorrect.


function::print_stack can be used as a subroutine in scripts to provide debugging capability to custom functions. It can also be integrated with other error-handling mechanisms for more comprehensive debugging and error reporting.

Related Commands

  • gdb: A powerful debugging tool that allows for more fine-grained debugging and control.
  • debug: A built-in Perl function for debugging.
  • stacktrace: A Python module that provides similar functionality to function::print_stack.