function::pnlabel - Linux


pnlabel is a command that assigns labels to physical network devices. It enables network administrators to easily identify and manage their network infrastructure, especially in complex setups with numerous devices. It is commonly utilized in data centers, cloud environments, and enterprises with extensive network deployments.


pnlabel [-h] [-l LABEL] [-d DEVICE]


  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.
  • -l, –label LABEL: Specify the label to assign to the network device.
  • -d, –device DEVICE: Name of the physical network device to label.


Assigning a label to a device:

pnlabel -d eth0 -l production

Removing a label from a device:

pnlabel -d eth0 --label ""

Common Issues

Device not found:

Ensure that the specified device name in the -d, --device option is correct and matches the physical network device on the system.

Permission denied:

The command requires root privileges to modify network device settings. Run the command using sudo to resolve the issue.


pnlabel can be combined with other Linux commands for advanced network management tasks. For instance, it can be used in conjunction with the ifconfig command to assign labels to newly discovered devices during network configuration.

Related Commands

  • ifconfig: Configure and manage network interfaces.
  • netstat: Display network connections and statistics.
  • ethtool: Query and control network device settings.