function::ns_pgrp - Linux


function::ns_pgrp is a GNU C Library function that returns the process group ID of the calling process in the specified namespace. It is primarily used in conjunction with Linux kernel namespaces to manage process groups across multiple namespaces.


pid_t ns_pgrp(int nsid);


  • nsid: The namespace ID in which to retrieve the process group ID.


// Retrieve the process group ID in the current namespace
pid_t pgrp = ns_pgrp(0);

// Retrieve the process group ID in a specific namespace with ID 1
pid_t pgrp = ns_pgrp(1);

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the specified nsid corresponds to a valid namespace.
  • The caller must have proper privileges to access and operate within the specified namespace.


function::ns_pgrp can be combined with other namespace-related functions, such as clone and unshare, to manage and manipulate process groups across namespaces. It is frequently used in containerization and virtualization environments.

Related Commands

  • unshare – Creates a new namespace or modifies the current namespace
  • clone – Creates a new process in the caller’s namespace or a specified namespace
  • setns – Sets the namespace of the calling process