function::nfsderror - Linux


function::nfsderror is a powerful command-line tool for managing NFS (Network File System) errors. It provides flexible error handling and reporting capabilities, making it invaluable for troubleshooting and debugging NFS-related issues.


function::nfsderror [options] error-code [error-message]


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose logging for debugging purposes
  • -s, –string-table: Output error messages as a string table


Retrieving Error Message for NFS Error Code

function::nfsderror 12

Outputting Error Message and Code as a String Table

function::nfsderror -s 12 "File not found"

Common Issues

NFS-related commands are failing with errors.

Solution: NFSd may not be running, or it may not have the appropriate permissions to access the mount point. Verify that NFSd is running and that the mount point has the correct ownership and permissions.

"Permission denied" errors occur when accessing NFS shares.

Solution: Ensure that the client machine has the necessary permissions to access the NFS share. Check the NFS configuration files on the server and client machines to ensure proper access controls.


function::nfsderror can be integrated with other commands and scripts for advanced troubleshooting scenarios. For example, it can be combined with find to search for specific errors in NFS logs.

find /var/log/nfs -type f -exec function::nfsderror -v {} +

Related Commands

  • nftrace: Traces NFS traffic for debugging purposes
  • showmount: Displays NFS mount information
  • nfsstat: Provides NFS statistics and status information
  • nfsdumpstats: Exports NFS statistics in a machine-readable format