function::json_add_array - Linux


The function::json_add_array command adds a new array to a JSON object or array. This is useful for creating or modifying JSON data structures in a programmatic way.


function::json_add_array KEY JSON_OBJECT


| Option | Description | Default Value |
| ——- | ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- | ————– |
| KEY | The key of the array to be added. If the key already exists, the value will be replaced. | N/A |
| JSON_OBJECT | The JSON object or array to which the new array will be added. | N/A |


Example 1: Adding an array to a JSON object

$ echo '{"name": "John Smith"}' | function::json_add_array "addresses" '[{"street": "123 Main Street", "city": "Anytown", "state": "CA", "zip": "12345"}]'
{"name": "John Smith", "addresses": [{"street": "123 Main Street", "city": "Anytown", "state": "CA", "zip": "12345"}]}

Example 2: Adding an array to a JSON array

$ echo '[{"name": "John Smith"}, {"name": "Jane Doe"}]' | function::json_add_array "2" '[{"age": 30}]'
[{"name": "John Smith"}, {"name": "Jane Doe"}, {"age": 30}]

Common Issues

  • Error: Key already exists: The key you specified already exists in the JSON object or array. To replace the existing value, use the function::json_set command instead.
  • Error: Invalid JSON: The JSON provided is not valid. Check for syntax errors or inconsistencies in the data structure.


The function::json_add_array command can be combined with other Linux tools to create complex JSON data structures. For example, you could use jq to parse JSON output and then use function::json_add_array to modify the data before writing it back to a file.

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