function::ipmib_tcp_remote_port - Linux


ipmib_tcp_remote_port is a utility for setting the TCP listener port for remote IPMI over LAN (IPMI-over-LAN, IPMI-LAN) connections. It modifies the port configured in the BMC’s firmware.


ipmib_tcp_remote_port [OPTION] [IPMI LAN PORT]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -f | Read configuration from file (default: /etc/ipmi/ipmi_tcp_remote_port.conf) | /etc/ipmi/ipmi_tcp_remote_port.conf |
| -h | Help | – |
| -p | Send password to BMC over LAN | – |
| -u | Send username to BMC over LAN | – |


Set TCP listener port on BMC to 623:

# ipmi_tcp_remote_port 623

Set TCP listener port using configuration file:

# ipmi_tcp_remote_port -f myconfig.conf

Common Issues

  • Port already in use: Ensure that the specified port is not already in use by another process.
  • Permission denied: Ensure that the user has sufficient privileges to modify the BMC’s configuration.
  • BMC not responding: Check that the BMC is operational and that the network connection is stable.


ipmib_tcp_remote_port can be integrated with other tools to automate the configuration of IPMI-over-LAN. For example:

# IPMI_PORT=623; ipmi_tcp_remote_port $IPMI_PORT

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