function::ipmib_get_proto - Linux


ipmib_get_proto is a tool used to query the current IPMI version and protocol. It provides valuable information about the IPMI interface, helping administrators understand the capabilities and compatibility of their systems.


ipmib_get_proto [OPTIONS]


  • -h, –help
    Displays a help message and exits.
  • -v, –version
    Prints the version number and exits.


Simple Usage:

Retrieve the IPMI version and protocol:


Complex Usage:

Query specific details about the IPMI interface using the help option:

ipmib_get_proto -h

Common Issues

No IPMI Interface Detected:

If the command fails to detect an IPMI interface, ensure that the interface is properly configured and enabled in the BIOS.

Permission Denied:

If you encounter permission denied errors, verify that you have sufficient privileges to access the IPMI interface.


IPMI Health Monitoring:

Combine with other tools like ipmitool to create scripts that monitor IPMI health parameters and issue alerts.

Automated IPMI Setup:

Integrate with configuration management tools like Ansible or Puppet to automate the discovery and configuration of IPMI interfaces.

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