function::ipmib_filter_key - Linux


function::ipmib_filter_key command is used to filter out any unwanted keys from the output of the ipmitool sdr command. It is particularly useful when trying to parse the output of ipmitool sdr in scripts or programs, as it allows you to focus on specific keys or key ranges.


function::ipmib_filter_key "keys|ranges"



  • Specifies a list of keys to keep in the output.
  • Multiple keys can be specified, separated by commas (e.g., "key1,key2,key3").


  • Specifies a range of keys to keep in the output.
  • Ranges are specified using the - separator (e.g., "key1-key3").


Example 1: Filter output to include only keys "key1", "key2", and "key3":

ipmitool sdr | function::ipmib_filter_key "key1,key2,key3"

Example 2: Filter output to include key range "key10" to "key20":

ipmitool sdr | function::ipmib_filter_key "key10-key20"

Common Issues

  • Error: No matching keys found: Ensure that the specified keys or ranges actually exist in the output of ipmitool sdr.


function::ipmib_filter_key can be combined with other Linux commands or tools for advanced tasks, such as:

  • Piping the filtered output to a file for further processing.
  • Using the filtered output as input to other programs or scripts.

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