function::get_cycles - Linux


The function::get_cycles command calculates the number of function calls made during the execution of a given function. This information can be useful for performance analysis, profiling, and optimization.


function::get_cycles [options] <function_name>


  • <function_name>: The name of the function whose call count is to be computed.


  • -r, --reset: Reset the call count of the specified function to zero.


Counting function calls:

function::get_cycles my_function

Resetting function call count:

function::get_cycles -r my_function

Common Issues

  • Function not found: The specified function may not exist or may not be visible in the current context. Ensure that the function is defined and accessible.
  • Permission denied: The user may not have sufficient permissions to access the function call count information.


The function::get_cycles command can be used with other Linux commands and tools for advanced profiling and performance analysis. For example:

Combine with strace:

strace -e trace=function::get_cycles my_program

Use with profiling tools:

perf record --call-graph dwarf function::get_cycles my_function

Related Commands

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  • getrusage: Get resource usage information
  • strace: Trace system calls and signals