function::fp_rem - Linux


fp_rem is a crucial floating-point math command for computing the remainder of division. It calculates the difference between a dividend (x) and the product of its quotient (y) and divisor (z), resulting in the fractional part that represents the remainder. It’s commonly used in various numerical calculations, scientific applications, and financial modeling.


fp_rem(x, y, z)
  • x: Dividend (floating-point number)
  • y: Quotient (floating-point number)
  • z: Divisor (floating-point number)




  • Compute the remainder of dividing 12.5 by 3.1:
fp_rem(12.5, 3.1, 0.0)
  • Find the fractional part when dividing 37.2 by 10.1:
fp_rem(37.2, 10.1, 0.0)

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: If any of the input numbers (x, y, or z) are not valid floating-point numbers, fp_rem will return NaN (Not a Number).
  • Zero Division: Attempting to divide by zero will result in an FP_REM_RZ (IEEE 754 floating-point zero divide) exception.


fp_rem can be integrated with other floating-point math commands and libraries. For example, it’s used in the <math.h> library for division operations, and in financial modeling to compute loan repayments or interest calculations.

Related Commands

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