function::fp_lt - Linux


fp_lt is a powerful Linux command used to compare the values of two floating-point numbers, providing a versatile tool for numerical analysis and decision-making. It determines whether the first operand is less than the second, producing a Boolean output (0 for false, 1 for true).


fp_lt <operand1> <operand2>


  • <operand1>: The first floating-point number to compare.
  • <operand2>: The second floating-point number to compare against.


fp_lt has no specific options or flags.


Simple Comparison:

fp_lt 5.2 7.1


1  # True, as 5.2 is less than 7.1

Complex Comparison:

fp_lt sqrt(10) 4


0  # False, as the square root of 10 (approximately 3.16) is not less than 4

Common Issues

  • NaN (Not-a-Number) values may cause unexpected behavior. Use isnan() to check for such values.
  • Rounding errors can occur, especially with very small numbers. Consider using a tolerance threshold for comparisons.


fp_lt can be integrated with other commands using pipes or command substitution:

if fp_lt $(expr 2 + 2) 5; then echo "Less than 5"; fi

Related Commands

  • fp_eq: Compares two floating-point numbers for equality.
  • fp_gt: Compares two floating-point numbers for greater than.
  • isnan: Checks if a value is NaN (Not-a-Number).