function::fp_le - Linux


fp_le is a command-line tool for efficient manipulation and analysis of function points in a software development context. It provides various features for calculating and managing function points, a widely used metric for estimating software project size and complexity.


fp_le [options] [function-point-data-files]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -i, --input | Input file(s) containing function point data | N/A |
| -o, --output | Output file for saving results | N/A |
| -t, --type | Function point type (e.g., FP, SNAP, UCP) | FP |
| -w, --work-mode | Calculation mode (e.g., calculate, generate, validate) | generate |
| -d, --debug | Enable debug mode | Disabled |
| -v, --version | Display version information | N/A |
| -h, --help | Display help information | N/A |


Calculate Function Points:

fp_le -i input.csv -o output.txt -t FP

Generate Function Point Data:

fp_le -i template.csv -o new-input.csv -t FP -w generate

Validate Function Point Data:

fp_le -i input.csv -w validate

Common Issues

Missing or Incorrect Input Data: Ensure that the input file contains properly formatted function point data.

Invalid Function Point Type: Specify a valid function point type using the -t option.

Incorrect Work Mode: Choose the appropriate work mode (-w) for the desired operation (calculation, generation, or validation).


With Git Version Control:

Use fp_le in conjunction with Git to track changes in function point data over time:

git add input.csv
git commit -m "Updated function point data"

With Other Function Point Tools:

fp_le can be used as part of a broader function point analysis workflow, combining it with other tools for data validation, visualization, and reporting.

Related Commands

  • fpa: Calculate function points according to the IFPUG method
  • functionpoint: Calculate function points using the COSMIC method
  • use-case-points: Estimate project size using use case points