function::delete_stopwatch - Linux


function::delete_stopwatch is a command-line utility that removes a previously created stopwatch. It enables efficient time management by providing the ability to delete stopwatches that are no longer needed, freeing up system resources and reducing clutter.


function::delete_stopwatch <stopwatch_name>
  • <stopwatch_name>: The name of the stopwatch to be deleted.




Simple Example

To delete a stopwatch named "task_timer", use the following command:

function::delete_stopwatch task_timer

Complex Example

To delete multiple stopwatches at once, use a wildcard:

function::delete_stopwatch task_*

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Stopwatch Name: Ensure the specified stopwatch name is correct.
  • Non-Existent Stopwatch: If the given stopwatch name doesn’t exist, the command will return an error message.


function::delete_stopwatch can be combined with other commands for advanced timing tasks:

  • Create a Stopwatch: Use function::create_stopwatch to create a new stopwatch.
  • Start/Stop Stopwatch: Use function::start_stopwatch and function::end_stopwatch to start and stop a stopwatch, respectively.
  • Get Stopwatch Time: Use function::get_stopwatch_time to retrieve the elapsed time of a stopwatch.

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