function::cve_tmpdisable - Linux


The function::cve_tmpdisable command provides a temporary disablement mechanism for CVEs. This allows administrators to test and evaluate CVEs in a controlled environment before disabling them permanently.


function::cve_tmpdisable [CVE ID]


| Flag | Description | Default |
| None | No options available | N/A |


Example 1: Temporary Disable a CVE

To temporarily disable the CVE with ID CVE-2023-12345, run:

function::cve_tmpdisable CVE-2023-12345

Example 2: Check Status of Temporarily Disabled CVE

To check the status of a temporarily disabled CVE, use the --list option:

function::cve_tmpdisable --list

Common Issues

Error: CVE Not Found

If the provided CVE ID does not exist or is not found, the command will return an error. Ensure you are using the correct CVE ID.


Use the function::cve_tmpdisable command in combination with other commands to automate CVE management. For example, create a cron job to periodically check for new CVEs and temporarily disable them for testing.

Related Commands

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