function::cve_record_metric - Linux


function::cve_record_metric records a vulnerability metric to the backend, which will be used to create or update the associated vulnerability.


function::cve_record_metric CVE_ID METRIC_TYPE METRIC_VALUE [FLAG]...


  • --description: (Optional) String metric description. Default empty string.
  • --unit: (Optional) String unit of the metric, such as "fs". Default empty string.


Record a vulnerability metric:

function::cve_record_metric 2020-000001 frequency-severe 10

Common Issues

  • Make sure to provide a valid CVE_ID and METRIC_TYPE.
  • If the metric already exists, it will be updated.


This command can be used in conjunction with other functions to update vulnerability metrics. For example, it can be used after function::cve_fetch to update the vulnerability’s metrics.

Related Commands

  • function::cve_fetch
  • function::cve_record