function::cpuid - Linux


cpuid is a Linux utility that displays detailed information about the host’s CPU. It provides low-level details about the processor, its features, capabilities, and performance. It is widely used in system profiling, hardware analysis, and for debugging purposes.


cpuid [options]


  • -x or -ex: Print extended information, including vendor-specific registers.
  • -f or -full: Print all available information, including cache details and performance counters.
  • -o: Output in JSON format.
  • -l: Print only a summary of CPU features.
  • -h or –help: Display help message and exit.


Simple Usage:


Extended Information:

cpuid -ex

JSON Output:

cpuid -o

Summary of Features:

cpuid -l

Common Issues

  • Permission Denied: sudo privileges may be needed to run cpuid with extended options.
  • No Output: Check if /proc/cpuinfo is accessible. If not, try running the command with sudo.


With grep:

cpuid -l | grep AVX

With less:

cpuid -f | less

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