function::cpu_clock_ms - Linux


cpu_clock_ms is a Linux command used to measure and display the time spent by the CPU executing processes. It is commonly utilized in performance monitoring, benchmarking, and profiling applications to gain insights into CPU utilization, latency, and bottlenecks.


cpu_clock_ms [options] [program] [args...]

Required Arguments:

  • program: The executable program to be measured.
  • args: Arguments to be passed to the program.


  • -s N: Sample N times (Default: 10000)
  • -t N: Time for N seconds (Default: 0)
  • -o FILE: Write to FILE
  • -f FORMAT: Output format:
    • text: Textual output (Default)
    • csv: CSV (Comma-Separated Values)
  • -h: Help: Display usage information.


Single-shot measurement:

cpu_clock_ms -s 1000 ./my_program

Continuous measurement for 5 seconds:

cpu_clock_ms -t 5 ./my_program

Save output to a file:

cpu_clock_ms -o my_results.csv ./my_program

CSV output:

cpu_clock_ms -f csv ./my_program

Common Issues

  • Incorrect usage: Ensure the correct syntax and required arguments are provided.
  • Elevated privileges: Some programs may require root privileges to run.
  • System load: High system load can affect measurement accuracy.


cpu_clock_ms can be integrated with other commands for advanced analysis:

  • With ‘grep’: Filter specific data from output.
  • With ‘awk’ or ‘sed’: Extract and process specific fields.
  • With scripting: Create automated monitoring or profiling scripts.

Related Commands

  • time: Measure execution time and resources used by a command.
  • perf: Performance analysis tool for profiling and debugging.
  • sysstat: System performance monitoring tool.