function::cpu - Linux


function::cpu is a command-line tool that provides real-time information about CPU usage on Linux systems. It monitors and displays per-core and aggregate CPU utilization, making it valuable for system performance analysis and debugging.


function::cpu [-h] [-V] [-s <sample_rate>]


  • -h, –help: Display command usage information.
  • -V, –version: Print the version of function::cpu.
  • -s, –sample_rate : Set the sampling interval in seconds. Default: 1 second.


Simple Usage:

Monitor CPU usage in real-time:


Detailed Output:

Display per-core and aggregate CPU usage statistics:

function::cpu -s 5

Integration with Other Commands:

Extract specific CPU metrics into a variable for further processing:

average_cpu=$(function::cpu -s 10 | tail -n1 | awk '{print $2}')

Common Issues

Error Message: "command not found"

Ensure that function::cpu is installed and in the system’s $PATH environment variable.

Incorrect Sampling Interval:

Using a sample rate that is too frequent can overload the system. Adjust the -s option to avoid excessive CPU consumption.


System Monitoring:

function::cpu can be integrated with other system monitoring tools, such as Prometheus or Grafana, to provide real-time CPU utilization data for analysis and visualization.

Performance Profiling:

Use function::cpu in conjunction with performance profiling tools like Valgrind or perf to identify performance bottlenecks related to CPU usage.

Related Commands

  • top: Display a real-time view of system processes and CPU usage.
  • mpstat: Provide detailed CPU statistics for each CPU core.
  • sar: Collect and report system activity, including CPU utilization.