function::cmdline_args - Linux


cmdline_args is a JavaScript function used for getting/parsing the command-line arguments in a Node.js script. It makes it convenient to access and manipulate command-line parameters passed when executing the script.


function cmdline_args([opts])


  • opts: (Optional) An object for specifying options.


The following options are available:

  • parseNumbers: (Boolean) Whether to convert numbers. Default: false
  • caseInsensitive: (Boolean) Whether to do case-insensitive matching. Default: false
  • stopEarly: (Boolean) Whether to stop parsing after the first non-option. Default: false
  • parseBooleans: (Boolean) Whether to parse booleans. Default: true


Simple Usage:

const args = cmdline_args();
console.log(args); // { _: [], '-f': true }

Parse Numbers:

const args = cmdline_args({ parseNumbers: true });
console.log(args); // { _: [], '-f': true, '-n': 123 }

Option with Arguments:

const args = cmdline_args({ stopEarly: true });
console.log(args); // { _: ['-f', 'foo'], '-n': '123' }

Common Issues

  • No Arguments: If no arguments are provided, an empty args object will be returned.
  • Invalid Options: Options must be in the form of -<name>. Invalid options will be ignored.
  • Option Without Value: If an option does not have a value, it will be set to true.


Combine with Other Commands:

const args = cmdline_args();
const command = 'ls ' + args._[0];
exec(command, (err, stdout) => {
  // Do something with the stdout

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