function::ansi_reset_color - Linux


The ansi_reset_color function in Linux is a utility that resets the foreground and background colors of text output to their default values. It is primarily used within scripts and terminal applications to ensure predictable color formatting across different environments and tools.




This command has no options or flags.


Reset text color to default:

echo "Hello, World!" | ansi_reset_color

Reset both foreground and background color to default:

echo "Hello, World!" | ansi_reset_color | ansi_reset_background_color

Common Issues

None reported.


ansi_reset_color can be used in conjunction with other ANSI color control functions to create scripts that produce colorful and visually appealing terminal output. For example, it can be combined with ansi_color to set specific foreground or background colors for different text elements.

Related Commands

  • ansi_color: Sets the foreground color of text output.
  • ansi_background_color: Sets the background color of text output.
  • tput: A more comprehensive tool for manipulating terminal settings, including color control.