fts_close - Linux


The fts_close command is used to close a full-text search session, terminating the search process initiated by fts_open. It is primarily used to free system resources and clean up any temporary data associated with the search operation.


fts_close [-h] session


  • -h: Display usage information and exit.


Simple example:

fts_close session_id

Closing multiple sessions:

fts_close session_id1 session_id2

Common Issues

  • Error closing session: Ensure that the provided session ID is valid and the session has not already been closed.
  • Permission denied: Verify that the user has sufficient permissions to close the search session.


fts_close can be used in conjunction with commands like find and grep to enhance search operations:

find . | grep -F 'keyword' | fts_open session_id | fts_read [options]

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