freeconary - Linux


freeconary is a command-line dictionary for Linux that provides quick and easy access to word definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and other linguistic information. It utilizes WordNet, a comprehensive lexical database.


freeconary [OPTIONS] WORD...


  • -d, –definition: Show only the definition of the given word.
  • -s, –synonyms: Display synonyms for the specified word.
  • -a, –antonyms: Retrieve antonyms for the given word.
  • -l, –language=LANGUAGE_CODE (default: en): Set the language for definitions.
  • -o, –of=WORD_TYPE (default: noun): Specify the part of speech to search for.
  • -e, –examples: Show example sentences for the word.
  • -f, –full: Display all available information for the word.


  • Find the definition of "serendipity": freeconary serendipity
  • List synonyms for "beautiful": freeconary -s beautiful
  • Search for antonyms of "fast": freeconary -a fast
  • Define "amour" in French: freeconary -l fr amour

Common Issues

  • If no word is specified, freeconary will display a random word.
  • The default language is English. To search for definitions in other languages, use the -l option.
  • The command may not work correctly if the WordNet database is not installed.


  • freeconary can be used with the xargs command to search for multiple words in a file: cat words.txt | xargs -n1 freeconary
  • It can also be used as a Python module, allowing for integration into scripts and applications.

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