free_pair - Linux


free_pair is a command-line utility designed to find and release free memory pairs to improve system performance. It prevents memory fragmentation by maintaining a pool of free pages, ensuring optimal memory allocation and reducing memory overhead.


free_pair [options]


-h, –help: Displays the help message and exits.

-v, –verbose: Enables verbose mode, displaying additional information.

-f, –force: Forces the release of memory even if it may impact ongoing processes.

-m, –mode: Specifies the release mode. Valid modes are:

  • fast: Releases a portion of free memory (default).
  • full: Attempts to release all available free memory.


Free a small amount of memory:

free_pair -f

Free all available memory:

free_pair -m full

Run in verbose mode:

free_pair -v

Common Issues

  • Insufficient free memory: If the system has limited free memory, free_pair may not be able to release significant amounts of memory.
  • Processes affected by memory release: Forcing memory release (-f option) may interrupt or terminate running processes. Use with caution.


free_pair can be used in conjunction with other memory management tools to optimize performance. For example, it can be combined with memory monitoring tools like top or ps to identify memory-intensive processes and target them for memory release.

Related Commands

  • top: Monitors system resources, including memory usage.
  • ps: Lists running processes and their memory consumption.
  • vmstat: Reports statistics about virtual memory usage.