free_menu - Linux


free_menu is a Linux command-line tool designed to manage and configure shared application menus. It allows users to create, edit, and delete custom menus and submenus for specific applications or groups of applications. This provides a consistent and customizable menu system across different desktop environments.


free_menu [options] [action] [arguments]


| Action | Description |
| create | Create a new menu or submenu |
| edit | Edit an existing menu or submenu |
| delete | Delete a menu or submenu |
| list | List all available menus and submenus |
| gen | Generate a menu script |


| Option | Description | Default |
| -a, –application | Specify the application name associated with the menu | Required for create, edit, delete, and gen |
| -n, –name | Set the name of the menu or submenu | Required for create and edit |
| -f, –file | Load or save a menu specification from a file | Optional |


Create a new menu

free_menu create -a myapp -n "My Application Menu"

Edit an existing menu

free_menu edit -a myapp -n "My Application Menu"

Delete a menu

free_menu delete -a myapp -n "My Application Menu"

Generate a menu script

free_menu gen -a myapp -f

List all menus

free_menu list

Common Issues

Menu not appearing in the desktop environment

Ensure that the menu is assigned to the correct application name and that the free_menu service is running.

Conflicting menu names

Choose unique names for menus and submenus to avoid conflicts.


free_menu can be integrated with other commands to extend its functionality:

Set a custom menu via script

echo "free_menu gen -a myapp -f /path/to/" | sh

Create a menu from a text file

cat myapp_menu.txt | free_menu create -a myapp -f -

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