form_requestname - Linux


form_requestname is a powerful command-line tool used to construct and manage request names for API and RPC calls. It generates unique and consistent request names based on a set of input parameters, ensuring clarity and consistency in code and documentation.


form_requestname [OPTIONS] <PARAMETERS>


  • -h, –help: Display help information.
  • -v, –version: Display version information.
  • -f, –format: Specify the output format. Default: camelCase. Other options: snake_case, PascalCase, kebab-case.
  • -p, –prefix: Add a custom prefix to the request name.
  • -s, –suffix: Add a custom suffix to the request name.
  • -i, –ignore: Ignore specific parameters when generating the request name.
  • -m, –separator: Specify the separator used between parameter names in the request name. Default: _.


Simple Example:

form_requestname GetName FirstName LastName

Output: getName

Example with Prefix:

form_requestname -p MyAPI GetName FirstName LastName

Output: MyAPIGetName

Example with Separator:

form_requestname -s Parameter GetName FirstName LastName

Output: GetNameFirstName-LastNameParameter

Common Issues

  • Duplicate Request Names: If the same set of parameters is used multiple times, duplicate request names may be generated. To resolve this, use the -i option to ignore certain parameters.
  • Incorrect Formatting: Ensure that the correct format option is specified to match the naming convention required by your code or documentation.


Code Generation: Integrate with code generators to automatically create request names based on function signatures or API specifications.

Documentation Generation: Use form_requestname to generate consistent request names for API documentation, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.

Related Commands

  • request_template: Generates request templates for API calls.
  • httpie: HTTP client that supports dynamic request name generation.

Official Documentation