form_page - Linux


form_page is a command-line tool used to generate standard web form pages from a specified template and data source. It simplifies the creation of HTML-based forms for collecting user input.


form_page [options] <template> <data-source> <output-file>


  • -f, –fields: Specify a comma-separated list of fields to include in the form. By default, all fields are included.
  • -p, –prefix: Add a prefix to all form field names.
  • -e, –skip-empty: Exclude fields with empty values from the output.
  • -o, –output-format: Set the output format to HTML or XML. Default: HTML
  • -h, –help: Display this help message.


Simple Form:

form_page template.html data.csv output.html

Form with Specific Fields:

form_page -f id,name,email template.html data.csv output.html

XML Output:

form_page -o xml template.html data.csv output.xml

Common Issues

  • Missing Template or Data Source: Ensure the template and data source files exist and are accessible.
  • Invalid Template: The template file must be a valid HTML or XML file.
  • Incorrect Data Format: The data source must be in a format compatible with the template.


Combine with other Tools:

csv2html | form_page template.html - output.html

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