form_opts_off - Linux


form_opts_off is a command used within the context of an X Window System form, primarily for GUI programming. It enables the disabling of currently enabled options in a form.


form_opts_off [form] [resources...]
  • form: An optional argument specifying the name of the form for which options are to be disabled.
  • resources: Optional arguments representing the specific options to disable. Multiple resources can be specified.


| Option | Description |
| off | Disables the specified option(s) on the given form. |


Disabling the "ok" and "cancel" buttons in a form named "myform":

form_opts_off myform ok cancel

Disabling all options in a form named "main_form":

form_opts_off main_form off

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Form Name: If the specified form name is invalid or does not exist, no options will be disabled.


form_opts_off can be integrated with other form-related X Window System commands to enable conditional option disabling based on specific events or conditions.

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