form_hook - Linux


form_hook is a command-line tool used for creating and managing hooks on Linux systems. It allows users to execute custom scripts or commands when specific events related to filesystems or file systems occur.


form_hook [options]

form_hook -h|help
form_hook -v|version
form_hook create <hookname>
form_hook remove <hookname>
form_hook edit <hookname>
form_hook info <hookname>


  • -h, -help: Display usage information and exit.
  • -v, -version: Print version information and exit.


Create a hook to run a command when a file is modified:

form_hook create file_modified --file=/path/to/file --command="echo 'File updated'"

Remove a hook:

form_hook remove file_modified

Common Issues

Error: Permission denied

Ensure you have sufficient permissions to create or modify hooks.


Use with inotifywait for real-time monitoring:

inotifywait -m /path/to/dir | while read line; do
  form_hook run file_modified --line="$line"

Related Commands

  • notify-send: Send desktop notifications.
  • inotifywait: Monitor filesystems for changes.
  • systemd-notify: Send system notifications.