form_fieldtype - Linux


form_fieldtype is a command-line tool used to query and manipulate field types associated with forms in a Salesforce organization. It enables the administration and customization of form fields to meet specific business requirements.


form_fieldtype [--help]
              [--fieldtype-id] <value>
              [--name] <value>
              [--label] <value>
              [--icon] <value>
              [--layout] <value>
              [--quick-actions] <value>


  • –help: Displays usage information.
  • –fieldtype-id: Specifies the ID of the field type to query or update.
  • –name: Sets a new name for the field type.
  • –label: Sets a new label for the field type.
  • –icon: Sets a new icon for the field type.
  • –layout: Sets the field type’s layout. Valid values include ‘Full’, ‘Compact’, and ‘Hidden’.
  • –quick-actions: Sets the field type’s quick actions.
  • –show-details: Displays details about the specified field type.
  • –verbose: Outputs verbose information about the command execution.


Query a Field Type:

form_fieldtype --fieldtype-id custom_field

Update Field Type Name and Label:

form_fieldtype --fieldtype-id custom_field \
  --name "New Field Type Name" \
  --label "New Field Type Label"

Common Issues

  • Missing Field Type ID: Ensure you provide a valid field type ID when updating or querying a field type.
  • Invalid Layout Value: The --layout option only accepts ‘Full’, ‘Compact’, and ‘Hidden’ as valid values.
  • Missing Permissions: You may encounter permission errors if you do not have the necessary privileges to modify field types.


Create a Custom Field using form_fieldtype:

form_fieldtype --name "Custom Phone Field" \
  --label "Phone Number" \
  --layout "Compact" \
  --quick-actions "Edit,Delete"

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