form_field_opts - Linux


form_field_opts streamlines the creation of form fields by extracting their data from src files and generating field_opts structs.


form_field_opts [FLAGS] --src <path>


  • –src : The source file containing the form fields
  • –min-group-size : The minimum size of a field group to generate a field_opts struct for. Defaults to 1
  • –output : The output file for the generated field_opts structs. Defaults to stdout
  • –ignore-static-groups: Do not generate field_opts structs for static groups
  • –ignore-normal-fields: Do not generate field_opts structs for normal fields


Simple usage

form_field_opts --src my_form.fbs --output my_field_opts.h

Ignoring static groups

form_field_opts --src my_form.fbs --output my_field_opts.h --ignore-static-groups

Common Issues


  • Invalid src file: Make sure the provided source file is valid flatbuffers *.fbs file
  • Field groups less than min-group-size: Adjust the min-group-size flag or manually define field_opts structs for smaller groups


form_field_opts can be used in scripts or makefiles to automate the generation of field_opts structs. For instance:

form_field_opts --src my_form.fbs --output my_field_opts.h
make -f my_makefile

Related Commands

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